Toddler Is Obsessed With 'Creepy' Mannequin Doll Head


You know how little kids get obsessed with their favorite toys, books, and anything else they decide they like? Well, Ilarni Clark, from England, recently revealed her 14-month-old son, Harry, is fixated on a life-size, female doll head that's normally used as a hair styling training tool. She says her son always loved playing with her hair to fall asleep, even as a small baby, so she introduced the doll so his Dad could help put him to bed. She added that the doll's hair is the same color and length as her own, and Harry took to it immediately. He's since named the doll "Baba" and insists on bringing it wherever he goes, and even sleeps with it. Clark says the doll has creeped her and her husband out a few times, but has also helped Harry become a more independent sleeper.

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