Need to Know: ACMs, Cycling Safety, & Extended Cap on Food Delivery


This Sunday we’ll be airing The 56th ACM Awards Nominees Radio Special at 6PM (local)

ACM nominee Carly Pearce hosts the 56th ACM Awards Nominees Radio Special featuring music and commentary from ACM nominees, Maren MorrisMiranda LambertChris StapletonBrothers OsborneKane BrownLuke BryanIngrid Andress and many more.


Cycling, Traffic Safety, and Passing

Going forward drivers can be fined for following a cyclist at a distance closer than reasonable, passing a cyclist in the same lane that the cyclist is occupying or passing a cyclist at a speed greater than 50 kilometres per hour.

Fines also apply to drivers that do not drive in a reasonable and prudent way when approaching any special hazard that exists with respect to cyclists.

Cyclists can use a one-way street in the opposite direction where a contraflow bicycle only lane exists as marked by signs or pavement markings.

No person is allowed to open their vehicle door if it interferes with the movement of traffic.


A Provincial Cap on Food Delivery in SK. Has Been Extended to the End of August

The Cap initially introduced in March was set to expire end of April but has now been extended to the end of August.

Capping fees are set at 18 per cent of a customer’s pre-tax order if a food delivery service handles the order and 10 per cent on the purchase price if the customer themselves picks up the order from the restaurant.