Need To Know: Canucks left out, Pfizer 3rd doses


The governments of the United Kingdom, Scotland and Wales say vaccinated folks from the EU or United States will be exempt from mandatory quarantine upon arrival — but fully vaccinated travellers from Canada will still have to quarantine.

No reason has been given for why canuks are left off the list.

Pfizer is claiming a 3rd dose 'strongly' boosts protection against Delta variant.

Among people ages 65 to 85, the Pfizer data suggest that antibody levels against the Delta variant after receiving a third dose of vaccine are greater than 11-fold than following a second dose.

The data have not yet been peer-reviewed or published. 


Five Riders have suffered an Achilles injury in the month leading up to the return of the CFL.

Head Coach Craig Dickenson called the phenomenon a “head scratcher,” but is attributing the increase in the injury to the time away.

A sport Doctor says despite working over the break, jumping back in to a season is a bit more than their bodies can handle.