Need to Know: Community Garden, Groundhog Day, and Road Cleanup


Regina’s Heritage Community Association is applying to the city for a new Community centre and garden in Regina’s heritage area.

If approved the centre would be in the Municipal Justice Building at 1654 11th Ave.

The centre would be available to anyone to drop by and do some weeding at any time as well as take in programs about growing the vegetables, harvesting them and how to cook with them.

City administration said the association has indicated the garden would be temporary, as the planned renovations at the Municipal Justice Building include a community garden area. However, the association could apply to keep both sites if there's the demand.  

The association is also applying for a community garden that would be beside their current home at the Old #1 Firehall. The space is currently a rock-landscaped area.


Today is Groundhog Day! We don’t have a Groundhog but we have a Chase who will look for his shadow and Spring coming up after 8:30!


City and contractor crews have now plowed 58 per cent of residential streets

From Jan. 26 to Feb. 1, Regina City crews have plowed 58 per cent of the approximately 500 kilometres of residential roads.

City crews are expected to wrap up the road cleanup on Friday. A full schedule can be found online.

The ridges of ice and snow leftover from City of Regina plows in residential areas have caused many streets to become narrower, and some drivers are blocked in the spot they parked in.

The City said due to budget constraints, it plows residential streets and does not remove the leftover ridge.