Need to Know: Dog Swim, WHL Schedule, Regina Floral Conservatory


Next weekend is the City’s annual Dog Swim

Only a few days left to register for the City’s annual dog swim on Sunday, September 19 at Regent Pool! Registration closes this Friday, September 10.

Dogs must be:


At least four months old


Accompanied by their owner; and

Have a valid pet license

Find all the details at


WHL changes regular-season schedule due to ongoing border issues

The Western Hockey League is juggling its early-season schedule to deal with ongoing border restrictions.

The league said teams in the B.C. Division will compete exclusively against other B.C.-based teams during October. Teams in the U.S. Division will only compete against other U.S.-based teams.

It said the moves were necessary because non-essential bus travel between the U.S. and Canada is currently prohibited.

The Pats open their schedule Oct. 2nd vs. Prince Albert.


Regina Floral Conservatory reopens after 18 months

The Regina Floral Conservatory is reopening its doors after an 18-month wait. 

The conservatory was shut down because of the pandemic. 

The reopening features more than 100 of its permanent plants, as well as a new fall display called Harvest Moon.

The Harvest Moon display will run until Thanksgiving. 

The conservatory is also open to rentals for things like weddings, funerals, showers and even yoga.

The conservatory requires visitors to wear a mask.