Need to Know: Fire training, Speeding Tickets, Warriors Logo!


Regina Airport Authority Conducting Fire Training today

 The Regina Airport Authority (RAA) Fire Department and Regina Fire and Protective Services will be conducting controlled fire training (weather permitting) today from approximately 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

This training may result in large plumes of smoke near the airport.

All training procedures conducted by the RAA Fire Department are regulated by Transport Canada.


People ticketed for speeding in Regina school zones during pandemic won't get money back.

Regina Mayor Michael Fougere says the city won't be giving people refunds if they got a speeding ticket in a school zone during the pandemic.

The reduced speed limits in Regina school zones remained in place, even when schools were closed during the early months of the pandemic.

Fougere says in retrospect, the speed limit in school zones should not have been enforced this summer, but since it was, he says the tickets will need to be paid or fought in court.


Moose Jaw Warriors hockey team undergoing review of logo.

The club released a statement saying they will commence a formal review of the Club’s primary logo. Adding this represents the next step in what has been an ongoing internal discussion to this point in time. The Hockey club will engage with their stakeholders and community partners as part of the review process.