Need To Know: Isolation Rules, No More Recaps. and SGI claims


The Saskatchewan government is trying to clear up the new isolation rules for the province.

Minister of Health Paul Merriman said contact tracers and public health officials will still direct residents who have contracted COVID-19 to self-isolate immediately.

The individual could receive a $2,800 fine if they continue to disobey.

Saskatchewan is going to stop releasing daily Covid-19 updates.

There will be a weekly recap instead starting August 3rd.

Saskatchewan's dashboard of COVID-19 data will still be updated on a daily basis.

Thousands of insurance claims filed in Sask. after July storms.

According to SGI there have been nearly 2,200 claims reported so far since the storm and another which occurred on July 27.

SGI said of the 2,190 claims, 1,562 were for vehicles, and 628 were for property damage.

Majority of that was caused as a result of damage resulting from hail. On Thursday July 22 in the Foam Lake area we saw a large number of hail losses.