Need to Know: Pools Opening, Pizza Scam, and Queen City Pride


Outdoor Pools Opening Throughout June 

The City of Regina’s four outdoor pools are set to open over the next few weeks, offering residents and families the opportunity to get outside, stay active and enjoy the summer. 

Three pools have confirmed opening dates: 

- Regent Pool: June 10

- Maple Leaf Pool: June 14       

- Buffalo Meadows Pool: June 12 

Massey Pool is currently receiving some essential repairs and is expected to open during the week of June 21. Opening day updates for Massey Pool will be provided as more information becomes available.

A Grand Opening event to celebrate the new Maple Leaf Pool is planned for June 22. Save the date and watch for additional details as we get closer to opening day!

 Registration requirements, swim times and classes differ per pool. Details are available on  


Regina police warn residents about pizza delivery scam

The Regina Police Service is warning residents about a food delivery scam where a suspect poses as a delivery person after a customer orders from a local pizza restaurant.

Police say two similar reports have been made in recent days. In both cases, an order was made with a pizza place. When the pizza was delivered, the customer paid with debit or credit and the delivery person seemed to have problems with the machine, but said the payment went through.

However, according to police, both customers checked their bank accounts later and reported that “significant funds” had been taken.

Police believe the suspects posing as delivery people are not associated with the restaurant or a delivery service. RPS said the scammers somehow got delivery information from the pizza place, collected the food and then delivered it to the customer.


Today Starts Queen City Pride Festival!

Queen City Pride and the Regina Farmers’ Market are proud to present the Queer Local Market!

Visit the Queer Local Market and explore artists, artisans, community groups, and service organizations! This year’s market will take place on June 5th, 2021, alongside our friends at the Regina Farmers’ Market.

For more details on events