Need to Know: Regina Firefighters, Sask. Airports, Seatbelt tickets


Nine Regina Firefighters to Receive Exemplary Service Medals Nine

Nine members of Regina Fire & Protective Services will receive the Fire Exemplary Service Medal from His Honour the Honourable Russ Mirasty, Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan.

Recipients of the award must have completed a minimum of twenty years full-time service with one or more recognized Canadian fire services. Exemplary service is characterized by good conduct, diligence and efficiency that serves as a model for others.  


Sask. airports left off list of destinations allowed to receive international flights

The federal government announced Monday it will allow fully vaccinated Americans to enter the country on Aug.9; however, travellers won’t be able to fly directly into Saskatchewan.

International flights were restricted to Canada’s four largest airports through much of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, five more cities have been added to the list, but both Regina and Saskatoon were left off, meaning neither are able to receive direct flights from the U.S. or international destinations.

Airlines are already selling tickets for non-stop flights from Saskatchewan to sun destinations this winter. They won’t be allowed to land in the province unless the federal government grants permission before winter. 


Saskatchewan police issue 490 tickets related to seatbelt offences in June

Through out the month of June Police issued 490 tickets to drivers and passengers for either not wearing a seatbelt, wearing it wrong or having children not properly restrained to their seat.

313 of the tickets were given out to drivers and 51 tickets to passengers for failing to properly use or wear a seatbelt.

43 tickets were issued to drivers for driving with a passenger under the age of seven not properly restrained and 83 tickets were handed out related to other seatbelt and child restraints.