Need to Know:Stolen Bike Prevention, Automated Flaggers, Covid Tracing


How to help Protect your Bike from Theft

Protect your bike from theft! Register your bike for free with the 529 Garage App on Wed Sept 8th from 11:30 to 1:30pm. Regina Police and U of R Security will be in front of the Riddell Centre at the University to assist you with your registration.


Automated flaggers introduced as part of Sask. highways pilot project

Guardian Angel Auto Flagger and the Ministry of Highways launched a pilot project to improve safety on construction sites.

Six new devices, situated in the Moose Jaw, Outlook and Prince Albert areas, will operate in construction sites.

The device, an automated flagger, can be installed on to the back of a truck in approximately two minutes.

The device is installed and set up off the roadway, and then operated by a flagger via remote from either a safe distance or inside the truck.

The arm and flashing lights replace the sign the flaggers would typically be holding.

The units used in the pilot program cost $500 each, with the total pilot project costing $22,000, said the ministry.


Sask. residents with COVID-19 asked to notify their own close contacts

The Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) is asking residents who test positive for COVID-19 to notify their own close contacts, as part of a new modified approach to contact tracing.

The SHA said the number of positive cases, and their associated close contacts, is surging. This increase, combined with limited public health resources, means the SHA is not able to provide timely notification to individuals who may have been exposed to the virus.