Need to Know: Storm Damage, Saying Goodbye to a couple Riders


SGI had nearly 1,100 claims due to property damage resulting from wind, plus another 172 auto claims for damage to vehicles resulting from wind.

SGI recommends Saskatchewan residents check their property for damage, looking for signs like fallen branches and lost shingles. They also advise people to take lots of pictures of the damage to submit as part of your claim, especially if you need to repair something immediately.

As more claims are still coming in it’s still too early to estimate how much damage the storm actually caused.

The most recent wind storm from 2017 cost SGI $16 million.


Two Former Riders have past away

Saturday was a sad day for Saskatchewan Roughriders fans as iconic fullback Steve Molnar died at age 73.

Molnar, originally from Saskatoon, played for the CFL team from 1969 to 1978. He backed up the legendary George Reed for the majority of his career, then took over as the starter when Reed retired in 1976.

Earlier last week Riders great Bruce Benett past away after complications from pneumonia and COVID-19. He Was 77.

Bennett, was a 1991 inductee into the Roughriders’ Plaza of Honour, was a West all-star in each of his final six CFL seasons (1967 to 1972), earning All-Canadian honours in 1969.


Public invited to join in Traditional Ceremony in fight against COVID-19

The Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) is asking all Saskatchewan people to come together on Monday January 18th to acknowledge and remember those we have lost to COVID-19, think of those who are battling it, recognize the efforts of our front line workers, and to give thanks for the vaccine being distributed across the province. The initiative is being led by First Nations and Métis Health and is a provincial effort for all people of Saskatchewan to pray in Unity as we continue our journey to reduce the impact of the global pandemic on our residents.

We are asking people wherever they are to stop for a few moments of reflection between 9:00 and 9:30 a.m. on Monday to pause and reflect. It can be done wherever you are at that time whether it's at work, at home, at school, outside exercising, or in your own personal space.

While the initiative is being led by First Nations and Métis Health, people from all cultural backgrounds, religions and beliefs are asked to join this moment of reflection as we move forward in our battle against COVID-19.