Need to Know: Support for Dr. Shahab & Most Popular Names in SK


CTV Regina News at Six welcomes meteorologist Bradlyn Oakes

CTV News Regina is welcoming Bradlyn Oakes, Meteorologist for the CTV Regina News at Six.

Oakes is new to Regina, originally from Sherwood Park, Alta., she’s joined the CTV News team in the Queen City after spending the last few years in Canada’s Northern territories.

She previously worked at CBC North, where she provided weather coverage for The Yukon, the Northwest Territories’ and Nunavut.

Oakes will make her on-air debut with CTV Regina today!


Supporters rally in Regina to honour Sask.'s Dr. Shahab

On Sunday morning, cars were lined up and decorated with signs, balloons, and even masks to show support to Saskatchewan’s Chief Medical Health Officer.

The rally was organized after a group of people took their protest of Dr. Saqib Shahab to his family home.

Organizers made sure to apply for permits and had police escort their parade around the Legislative building.

More than 40 cars participated in the parade, all hoping to make sure Dr. Shahab knows there are many in Saskatchewan who appreciate his work.


Liam and Olivia: These are Sask.'s 20 most popular baby names

 Saskatchewan parents stuck to the tried and true in 2020, at least when it came to baby names. Liam tops the list of baby boy names for the 11th year in a row, and, for the sixth year running, Olivia took the top spot for baby girl names.

Last year, there were 63 baby boys named Liam, followed by Jack, Hudson, Noah and Oliver to round out the top five.

There were 69 baby girls named Olivia across the province, followed by Emma, Amelia, Sophia and Emily.

Some new names cracked the top 20. Aurora made a strong debut at number 12; there were 28 babies given the moniker. Bennett tied for 17th place on the list of boy names.