Need to Know: Telemiracle, Name That Sound, SGI rebate, and Iceville


Telemiralce was able to raise $5,630,215 over the weekend!

Congrats to everyone involved! Another incredible year!! Great job Saskatchewan


Name that Sound Returns today!

Win your share of the $10,000 Name That Sound cash-pot, listen for your cue-to-text weekdays at 7:35AM, 8:35AM, 3:35PM and 6:35PM. 

When you hear the cue, text the CODE WORD and your FULL NAME to 927-927*. The 93rd text through gets to guess the sound to instantly win cash! The pot starts at $50 and increases by $50 for every incorrect guess.


SGI to pay out $285M in rebates to Sask. Drivers

The Government of Saskatchewan announced it has approved a one-time rebate of $285 million to be paid out to SGI customers.

In a release, the province said while details are still being finalized, the average rebate will work out to approximately $285 per vehicle, or approximately 26 per cent of average annual premium.

The government said the rebate cheques will be issued to customers who have paid Auto Fund premiums in the past three years and are Saskatchewan residents. Rebate cheques will be mailed out in May.


Iceville hosts last skate of the season

As of March 1, Saskatchewan’s largest skating rink located at Mosaic Stadium will be closed.

The closure was announced last week, following damage to the ice as a result of some early Spring temperatures.

Any skates booked for this week have been cancelled. REAL said those with a private booking for next week can expect a refund.

If you did not get a chance to go for a skate this year, REAL said there are some exciting announcements in the works for next Winter.