Need to Know: Water in Dugouts, Smoke Thickens, New Bike Lane


City of Regina testing out new bike lane system on 14th Avenue

Cyclists and drivers will try out an all-new way to share 14th Ave. in Cathedral this summer as phase one of an east-west crosstown bike route starts.

The City of Regina has installed advisory bike lanes on 14th Avenue.

The centre lane is dedicated to, and shared by, motorists travelling in both directions; the advisory lanes are used by cyclists, and can be used briefly by motorized vehicles when they're facing oncoming traffic.

The idea is that when motor vehicles in the centre lane see they're heading toward each other, both move into their respective bike lanes, and then move back into the centre lane when it is safe to do so.

The 14th Avenue advisory lane system is the first phase of the city's east-west crosstown bike route. The plan will be implemented in three phases, with others coming after the city decides how efficient the first phase is.


U of R research team studying ways to remove sulfate from dugouts

A team of University of Regina researchers are studying sulfate concentrations in agricultural dugouts and ponds, in order to find the best ways to remove it.

The four-year project will look at 30 different water sites, and study both the landscapes and the water itself. The team will collect data in the first year, and then look at mitigation options starting in the second year.

About 20 per cent of dugouts in the province have sulfate levels that were higher than what was recommended for cattle.


Smoke expected to thicken in Regina as air quality alert continues

In addition to smoke coming down from the north, east winds are blowing forest fire smoke from Manitoba towards Saskatchewan, according to Environment Canada. The smoke from Manitoba is expected to continue to thicken.

The government recommends at risk populations, children and the elderly reduce or reschedule strenuous activities outdoor. The general population is also asked to consider reducing or rescheduling activities if a cough or throat irritation develop.

As of yesterday, there are 171 active wildfires in Saskatchewan.