Would You Try Hidden Valley Ranch Ice Cream?

Screenshot 2023-03-15 135426

Your tastebuds might not be ready for this.

VanLeeuwen ice cream is releasing a limited edition Hidden Valley Ranch flavor. 

The ice cream promises "savory flavors of ranch, including buttermilk, flavorful herbs, and a touch of sweetness."

PEOPLE magazine got a sneak taste. The review said, "The smell is initially off-putting — who's expecting onion in their ice cream after all? But our testers, even those who don't love ranch in its traditional form, agreed the taste was better than we expected."

The review added, "The first savory bite was followed by a subtle sweet note and the creamy texture is quite nice. While you won't catch us eating an entire bowl of ranch ice cream, it was made 10 times more enjoyable when dipping with pretzels. Ranch lovers won't be disappointed."

The Hidden Valley Ranch ice cream will be available from March 20th through May at Walmart locations. 

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