A New Perfume Will Smell Like . . . the Yellow Pages?

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Back in the day, did you ever grab a new phone book . . . open the Yellow Pages . . . and then rub it across your body to "freshen up?"  No?

There's a British company called Yell, that's an online directory similar to the phone book . . . and they're in the process of developing a PERFUME that smells like the Yellow Pages. 

They say that it's a "timeless and familiar scent," and it's been created to "transport the mind and the senses back to the past" . . . when we used to experience the JOY of carrying around five-pound phone books.

More specifically, they say the fragrance has notes of bergamot and lemon . . . followed by the rich, woody scents of cedar and musk, with sweet vanilla.

This seems like a joke, but they actually ARE making this available.  The perfume will be called "Eau de Yellow Pages," and they're planning on doing a "limited run" later this year.  For now, it's unclear when and where you'd be able to get it. 



(The Mirror)

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