Green and Blue Bubbles Unite!


As an android user I didn’t even know this really was a thing… then I started dating someone whose entire family was iOS and it become clear that I was a “Green Bubbles” … a real modern day Montague and Capulet!

But this has a happier ending then Romeo and Juliet as the clash of the green and blue bubbles is coming to an end as Apple Plans to Bridge the Gap Between iPhones + Androids!

These changes will fix issues like fuzzy videos, dysfunctional group chats, and encryption gaps! No matter what device you’re using!

Apple shared plans to move to the messaging standard RCS (Rich Communication Services). This move will extend iMessage features to Android users

So if I’m not in the family group chat after this… it wasn’t a phone thing at all :p




Photo by Sumudu Mohottige on Unsplash





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