Need to Know: When we stop trying to look "Cool", HRF Bonus Prize, Helping with Food donations


The Age we stop trying to look “Cool”

There is a certain point for all of us when fashion trends just don’t mean as much as they used to and comfort take priority over style!

So what’s the age when we stop trying to look cool? According to a new survey men tend to lose interest in fashion and maintaining a stylish appearance at the age of 46, while women continue to focus on their looks and fitness until around the age of 59… after that give us some cozy sweat pants!

It’s also not just about comfort; it’s also heading that age were confidence and contentment come from within! So embrace it! You’re still cool to us!


HRF Home Lottery Bonus Prize Deadline

Tonight (Sept. 22nd) at Midnight is the deadline for the HRF Home Lottery Bonus Prize!

Don’t miss the chance to win the AUDI & ALPINE BONUS PRIZE OR Take $75,000 Cash!

Get your tickets for the Hospitals of Regina Foundation Home Lottery for your chance to win the stunning $1.3 Million Ripplinger Homes built showhome, PLUS $50,000 CASH!

You’ll also be in to win all the other incredible prizes including the fantastic $750,000 Ripplinger built cottage PLUS $10,000 CASH Early Bird Prize, plus cars, cash and so much more! Don’t forget to add-on a 50/50 ticket pack for even more chances to win – last year’s 50/50 exceeded $1 MILLION!

Order your tickets today at or call 1-800-667-7760.


A new program will give Sask. producers the opportunity to donate a portion of their crop to help end food insecurity

A new crop exchange program announced in Saskatchewan is aiming to reduce food insecurity by giving producers the opportunity to donate a portion of their crops.

Producers who wish to take part will be able to share a portion of pulses, grains and canola when they deliver a load to their local location, with food banks across Saskatchewan and western Canada benefiting.

For more details click here!

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