Kraft Heinz Is Selling Candy Hot Dogs and Mac-and-Cheese for Halloween


If you've been handing out macaroni and pickles on Halloween, you're definitely the weird one on your block.  But a little less so now . . .

Kraft Heinz is selling CANDY versions of three of its most popular products for Halloween:  Kraft Macaroni & Cheese . . . Oscar Mayer hot dogs . . . and Claussen pickles.

They don't taste like the real products, they're just gummy candy shaped like them.  The pickles and hot dogs are smaller than normal.

Those two are new, apparently.  But they've been selling the mac-and-cheese candy on Amazon since last year.

Variety packs with all three are hitting stores nationwide for Halloween, including Target, Walgreens, Family Dollar, and Dollar General.

Walmart and Amazon have boxes of just the mac-and-cheese version.