Need to Know: Farmers Market Indoors, Humane Society Lottery, What you read and your dreams


Regina’s Farmers Market Moving Indoors

The outdoor season at RFM has officially come to a close.

Markets will continue throughout the winter with the first Indoor Market happening this Saturday (October 14), from 9 AM - 1 PM in the Co-Operators Centre @ REAL


Regina Humane Society Holiday Lottery

The Regina Humane Society Holiday Lottery offers daily chances to win between $100 and $2000 throughout December. Your ticket means more than just winnings; it means hope, love, and care for animals in our shelter.

Help us make the Holiday season brighter for all!

Get your tickets here:


What you Read Influences your Dreams

A study from the University of Wales looked at over 10,000 adults and children along with their choice in reading material to find a link between the types of books we read and the dreams we have.

If you love reading fantasy novels there’s a good chance you have more nightmares and lucid dreams.

More of a romance novel person? Your dreams will be emotionally intense.

Those that read fiction have stranger dreams than the nonfiction readers, and also are more likely to remember their dreams!

And for the kids reading scary books… they are 3x more likely to have nightmares.