Need to Know: HIgh Valley Concert, Call for Artists, Beer Washes


High Valley Concert!

Join us for an unforgettable evening of country music with High Valley Small Town Something Tour at the Conexus Arts Centre on February 20th. Listen to Pure Country Mornings with Chase for a chance to beat the box office and win free tickets.

Tickets go on sale November 3rd at 9 AM sharp!

More info:


Call for Artists!

Downtown Regina is looking for diverse, original artwork, reflective of Downtown Regina’s culturally vibrant and sustainable neighbourhood for the Winter 2024 Urban Canvas Downtown Regina Art Program.

Designs must be original to the artists, though they may be inspired by previously completed work. All artwork must incorporate a frame into the design and it should reflect themes related to Winter in Saskatchewan.

Applicants can propose artwork for our Fence Gallery, for Sunshades, and for the Gallery Art Boxes! Artist submissions must be in digital format and submitted online by November 17th 2023.

Learn more and apply here:



Why are people suggesting we wash our hair with Beer?!

Smelling like a brewery doesn’t really have a lot of appeal… but yet here we are.

There’s an article making the rounds that claims you should be washing your hair with BEER.

The claim is the malt, hops, and iron in it can make your hair softer, shinier, and healthier overall.

Although there’s no scientific proof to back it up, some people have done it and are saying it in fact worked!

If you do want to try it, here’s what people suggest:

1.  Open a beer and let it go flat.  You don’t want the carbon dioxide in the bubbles. 

2.  Wash and condition your hair like normal. The beer is just an extra step.

3.  Massage it into your scalp, and leave it in for a few minutes.  No one agrees on how long.  Anywhere from 3 to 15 minutes.  Then rinse it out.

Worst case… you have some shower beers! Or you maybe have to tell a bizarre story to the officer that pulls you over and you smell like booze!