Need to Know: Pumpkin Disposal, Hunter Brothers Opener, How to Wash Your Jeans


Getting Rid of Your Pumpkin

After Halloween, don’t throw out your pumpkins!

Drop them off at the Yard Waste Depot to give them a new purpose!

From Oct 31 to Nov 4, the City has partnered with Fenek Farms who will feed the pumpkins to their farm animals.

The Yard Waste Depot is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and is located next to the landfill on Fleet St.

Can’t make it up to the Yard Waste Depot? Put your pumpkin in your green cart!


Hunters Brothers Opener

The Hunter Brothers have added some more Saskatchewan talent to their upcoming “Burning Down The Barn” tour with Jake Vaadeland & The Sturgeon River Boys opening the show!

They’ll be at Conexus Arts Centre November 16th!

Ticket details here!


Skip the washing Machine… Shower with your Jeans on

We’ve heard numerous times to NEVER wash your jeans! Even from the CEO of Levi Strauss, Charles Bergh.

Bergh said in the past jeans don’t need to be washed... But earlier this month, Bergh clarified that he didn’t mean you should never wash your jeans. 

Instead, he explained that he never puts true denim jeans in a washing machine. 

He suggests spot-cleaning jeans or if they’re really dirty… he says to shower with your jeans on!

As taboo (and maybe uncomfortable) as it sounds, Bergh said he will wear his gross jeans in the shower, “soap myself down and wash them.”

This supposedly cleans them and keeps their size and fit.