Need to Know: Timmies/Baileys team up! Dinovember is here, and Prevent Your Car Windows Fogging


Tim Hortons unveils BAILEYS flavoured non-alcoholic menu items coming to Tims restaurants across Canada starting Nov. 13 for a limited time

And shortly after, starting Nov. 20, Tims will put a Baileys-flavoured twist on one of its most popular donuts by introducing the non-alcoholic Baileys Boston Cream Dream Donut.


It’s Dinovember at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum

-Pick up a Dinovember scavenger hunt and explore the fossils throughout our galleries.
-The Learning Lab will be open weekends from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. throughout the month with hands-on activities with real Saskatchewan fossils.
-Paleontologist Ryan McKellar will kick things off on Saturday, November 4 at 1:00 p.m. with "Tales from the Field" sharing our palaeontology crew's fresh fossil finds from the summer.

And of course, stop and say hello to the world's largest T. Rex, Scotty.


How to Prevent Car Windows from Fogging Up

A bizarre hack to prevent car windows from fogging has gone viral. People are stuffing cat litter in a sock and then placing it on their dashboards to absorb moisture and prevent condensation.

I’m sorry but I’d much rather scrape windows than deal with the smell of cat litter in my vehicle all the time! And guaranteed that sock spills out at some point and you’re dealing with that mess!