Put a Roll of Toilet Paper in Your Fridge


Does anyone do this and swear by it?  According to TikTok, we should all be storing a roll of toilet paper in the FRIDGE.  (???)

Our first thought was maybe it provides a nice cooling effect when you bring it back to the bathroom.  But that's not the main reason to do it.  It's supposed to absorb MOISTURE in your fridge, and help with unpleasant odors.

So does it actually work?  YES, apparently.  But probably not as well as TikTok claims.

Toilet paper is absorbent.  So it'll soak up some of that extra moisture.  But eventually, you'll just have a wet roll of paper hanging out by your vegetables.

Experts say it can work in a pinch.  But in general, you're better off keeping a box of baking soda in there like a normal person. 

(Reader's Digest)