2 Sudbury Police Officers & A Sudbury Paramedic Recognized For Their Heroic Action


(PHOTO CREDIT: Sudbury Police)

The following is a release from Sudbury Police:

"Today, we present the 2021 Heroic Action Award to Constable Jon Barry (pictured - left), Acting Sergeant Daniel Duguay and City of Greater Sudbury Paramedic Chris Gilbert. 

The Heroic Action Award is presented to a member of the Police Service and/or citizen of Greater Sudbury for a distinguished act of heroism."

WARNING: The following contains subject matter that may be triggering or disturbing to some readers (includes details of an attempt suicide). If you are in a crisis or feeling overwhelmed, please reach out for assistance. Call 911 in an emergency and/or where there is an immediate threat to your safety or the safety of others. Additionally, Sudbury and Area Victim Services (SAVS) is a 24/7 community based service that provides immediate short-term crisis intervention services to persons affected by crime, tragedy and disaster. The SAVS team of professional staff and volunteer crisis responders provide emotional support, practical assistance and information and referrals to community-based agencies. Contact SAVS at 705-522-6970.

"In April 2020, Police received a report of an individual in crisis in the area of Frood Road and Baker Street in Greater Sudbury. Upon arrival, Officers saw the individual sitting on the edge of the train trestle approximately 40 feet above the railway.

Constable Jon Barry was the first to arrive on scene. As he began to make his way to the individual, the person proceeded to laid down on the trestle. Acting Sergeant Daniel Duguay arrived in the area and began to speak with the individual in an attempt to de-escalate the situation. The individual moved off of the trestle and was seen hanging their body off of the track area.

The individual then began to try and pull their body back up onto the trestle, however they did not have the strength. Fortunately, Constable Barry had reached their location and was able to grab their arms, ensuring that they did not fall.

City of Greater Sudbury Paramedic Chris Gilbert arrived and assisted Constable Barry in pulling the individual to safety.

The heroic actions of these first responders ensured that the individual did not sustain any physical injuries and was able to access the support services that they required.

Congratulations to Constable Jon Barry, Acting Sergeant Dan Duguay and Paramedic Chris Gilbert – this year’s recipients of the Heroic Action Award."