4 New Forest Fires Discovered Monday In The Sudbury Region


As of June 7th, 4 new forest fires have been discovered in the Northeast region.

All four are in the Sudbury region.

  • There were four new wildland fires confirmed in the Northeast region by late afternoon.
    • Sudbury 22 is under control at 0.2 of a hectare. It is located northwest of Windy Lake, on the east side of highway 144.
    • Sudbury 23 is located approximately one kilometer west of the Sturgeon river, approximately 4 kilometres south of the junction between Sturgeon River Provincial Park and Obabika River Provincial Park. It is not yet under control at the time of this update.
    • Sudbury 24 was confirmed late this afternoon in the Northwest corner of French River Provincial Park.
    • Sudbury 25, also confirmed late this afternoon approximately 2 kilometers north of Nairn Centre, measures 2 hectares and is not yet under control.
  • There are four other active fires in the region, they are either under control or being held.
  • The fire hazard is high to extreme across most of the Northeast Region, except for parts of the Far North, which are now showing a low to moderate hazard this afternoon.