Buy Local

We invite you to buy locally! Today’s current situation with COVID-19 affects the entire population. Certain companies in the province have put forth special services and modified their business approach to help everyone get through this difficult time. And now you too can show your support by encouraging these local businesses and markets. Together, we can make a difference. Find local offers from some of your favourite companies here:

  • Gem Sewing

    Address: 2141 LaSalle Blvd  Phone: 705-525-4449 Facebook:​
  • The Plus Factor

    ​Address: Montrose Mall, 774 Lasalle Blvd, Sudbury Phone: 705.222.PLUS (7587) Website:​ Facebook:​ Instagram:​
  • The Positive Inception

    Phone: (705) 618-1987 Website:​ Facebook:​ Instagram:​
  • Remade Sudbury

    Address: 3−134 Mountain St. Sudbury Phone: 647-218-0976 Website:​ Facebook:​ Instagram:​

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