Care-A-Thon for Maison McCulloch Hospice

Maison McCulloch Hospice

To donate, call 705 920 9877, or click here

The Maison McCulloch Hospice needs your help.

Sadly, we know we can’t cure everyone but we can care for everyone – and that’s what our Hospice does without charge.

Over 1700 people have spent their last hours and days at the Hospice. They didn’t go there to die but rather to live those days on their own terms with respect, dignity and love. Our Hospice is regarded as one of the best in Ontario and Canada. It’s not the bricks and mortar, but the staff and volunteers whose thinking heads, working hands and feeling hearts provide the superlative care to the patients, their family and friends.

The provincial government only funds 60% of the operating expenses. The balance must be raised in the community. Our community’s generousity has met that commitment each year. However, this year COVID-19 curtailed fundraising events like hikes, golf tournaments, kickathons, fishing tournaments and motorcycle runs etc… also memoriam gifts at funeral homes and reduced incomes of many donors.

To help pay these operational expenses and keep the doors open Pure Country 91.7 is going to host 1st annual Hospice Care-A-Thon on Wednesday July 8th 2020 from 6 a.m. to 12 Noon.  Many voices and stories will answer the question “Why do you care abut the Hospice?”

You can pledge now at  or call 705 920 9877 pledge on Wednesday July 8th. We need to raise $25,000.00 that day Please commit yourself to making a pledge and commit to telling family and friends about why you care about our Hospice. We need your sharing to support the Hospices’ caring. Donations over $10 are eligible to receive a tax receipt.