HSN Has Admitted Its First Two COVID Patients From Southern Ontario


The following is from HSN's weekly update:

*HSN currently has 21 COVID-19 admitted patients, including 8 in the ICU. 6 admitted patients are under investigation for COVID-19 and awaiting results.

*On Wednesday, HSN admitted its first two COVID-19 patients who were transfers from Southern Ontario hospitals. HSN anticipates more transfers in the coming days, although no specific number has been communicated yet to HSN by the Ontario Critical Care Command Centre.

*Hospitals in Ontario have been ramping down clinical services in the last few weeks either because of COVID-19 outbreaks, over-occupancy or the need to redeploy human resources to repurpose acute care beds into critical care beds. This week all Ontario hospitals received an updated provincial directive on non-urgent surgeries and procedures. As noted in this updated directive, decisions about any additional postponement of non-emergent and non-urgent surgeries and procedures will be made following fair and transparent processes.

*As indicated in the updated provincial directive, decisions on the postponement of non-emergent and non-urgent surgeries and procedures need to “be proportionate to the real or anticipated capacity needed to maintain the health and human resources to deliver essential and urgent health services across the system.”

*Thanks to proactive steps taken by HSN in the past few months to staff 40 additional bed at Daffodil Lodge, HSN is currently at an 87% occupancy level, with 61 Alternative Level of Care (ALC) patients and 3 patients admitted through the Emergency Department waiting for a bed. These are historically low levels. This is in part due to collaborative efforts for safe discharge of patients to other facilities or homes including long-term care, complex continuing care, retirement homes and home with support. HSN has also notified admitted patients that if necessary they may need to be relocated to another hospital in the region. There are also 692 available beds across Northern Ontario hospitals. Intensive Care Units in Northern Ontario currently have 73 patients out of a baseline bed capacity of 144 beds.


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