Get your Fishing Rods ready! National Fishing Week starts July 2nd


For Immediate Release June 14, 2022

National Fishing Week an Opportunity to
Reconnect With Loved Ones

Peterborough, ON: With National Fishing Week about to begin, the Canadian National Sportfishing Foundation (CNSF) is encouraging Canadians to use it to reconnect with each other and with the joy of fishing.
National Fishing Week (July 2 to 10, 2022) is an annual summertime event designed to help Canadians experience the thrill of recreational fishing. After two years of isolation and stress, fishing is a great way to recharge. It is also an easy and affordable way to connect with friends and family.

"It’s been proven that fishing has a positive impact on mental wellness," says Mike Melnik, Managing Director of the CNSF. "It’s hard to feel stressed, worried, or lonely when you’re out in nature. And casting a line with somebody you care about is a simple way to connect or reconnect.”

About National Fishing Week: National Fishing Week is supported by Catch Fishing, a national program dedicated to encouraging Canadians to get outdoors and enjoy our angling heritage throughout the year. It is supported by federal, provincial, and territorial governments, as well as hundreds of organizations and businesses that work hard to ensure sustainable fishing opportunities while safeguarding fish populations everywhere. To find out more about National Fishing Week, visit 


•    fosters a new generation of conservationists -- it benefits the environment because it gives people a reason to care about the resources their activities depend on. 

•    is easy and affordable. 

•    is a great way to escape electronics and reconnect with family and friends.

•    helps us connect with nature and develop an appreciation for Canada's vast natural environment.

•    provides mental and physical health benefits.

•    generates over $8 billion to the Canadian economy. 

Tips for Fishing Safely:

•    Ensure you have all the necessary supplies to keep you safe including life jackets and a first aid kit. 

•    Adhere to all municipal, First Nation community, provincial, and federal guidelines, and restrictions. 

•    Consider ways to support your local outdoor retailer, tour company, or tackle shop.

To find out more about Catch Fishing and National Fishing Week, visit 
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