$536,635 HSN 50/50 April Jackpot Won by Miranda White


$536,635 HSN 50/50 April Jackpot Won by Miranda White


SUDBURY, ON – Health Sciences North Foundation, NEO Kids Foundation, Northern Cancer Foundation, and the HSN Volunteer Association are excited to announce that April’s HSN 50/50 Cash Lottery for the North jackpot of $536,635 has been won by Miranda White (ticket #K - 1660282).

“My mind kind of went blank when I heard the total,” said Miranda. “It’s a bit overwhelming, to be honest; this is going to make such a difference in my life and in my kids’ lives. It just hasn’t sunk in yet and it probably won’t for awhile.” When asked how she plans to spend the winnings, Miranda said that school for her four kids was the first thing on the list, but looking for a new house is something she’s thinking of too. She also mentioned that the cyclist in her is pulling her in the direction of a new road bike.

“Calling the grand prize jackpot winner is always a highlight of my month and it was great to talk to Miranda this morning,” said Anthony Keating, President and Chief Development Officer of Foundations and Volunteer Groups at HSN. “I could tell she was in shock. I even had to repeat the number to her to make sure she heard correctly! To date, we have been able to give out over $3 million to eleven lucky winners. It’s more than just the chance to win, you are also making an impact on the priority equipment needs at HSN and making a difference in healthcare in northeastern Ontario.”


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