Amberwood Suites Working Close With Public Health After Confirming 22 COVID-19 Cases

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Public Health Sudbury and Districts has confirmed 22 active COVID-19 cases at Amberwood Suites seniors' residence in Greater Sudbury.  Officials say 19 of those cases are residents and three are staff members of the south end facility.

"Since the declaration of outbreak on January 5th, the Amberwood Suites has been working closely with Public Health & other local health agencies to manage the confirmed case count.  Our residents have been self-isolating since this date & staff are diligent with PPE and infection measures.  We're making every effort to stop the spread.  

With help of our community health partners, Amberwood is working to provide the best possible care for all of our residents at thiws time.  Our main priority has been & continues to be the health and well being of our residents and employees during this unprecedented time. 

Amberwood Suites would like to take this time to remind the public about COVID-19 safety protocols.  Wearing a mask, hand washing, social distancing, and staying home if you have symptoms, or have been in high risk situations, are immensely important to protect people who are more vulnerable to this virus.  Please stay safe to protect yourself & those around you."

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