Brigitte Laing is May's lucky winner of the record-setting $914,855 HSN 50/50


SUDBURY, ON – Health Sciences North (HSN) Foundation, NEO Kids Foundation, Northern Cancer Foundation, and the HSN Volunteer Association are excited to announce that May’s HSN 50/50 Cash Lottery for the North jackpot of $914,855 has been won by Brigitte Laing, of Sudbury (ticket #L – 6930764).


“I never get phone calls in the morning, so right away I knew something was strange,” said Brigitte. “Naturally I thought the call was a prank and when I was assured that the call was no joke, I just fell into tears. It has been a really hard year and this is a life-changing gift for us.”


Brigitte and her husband, Stephen, have some ideas of how they plan to spend their winnings. “We’re definitely going to pay off the mortgage, but we both consider ourselves foodies and we love to cook so we might make some renovations to the kitchen. It’s something we’ve been thinking about for a long time, but never had the spare cash to do it, so that’s going to be a dream come true for us.”


“It’s always a thrill to call the grand prize jackpot winner, but this month’s jackpot took it to a whole new level. Hearing Brigitte’s reaction this morning was nothing short of incredible, when she started crying, so did I,” said Anthony Keating, President and Chief Development Officer of Foundations and Volunteer Groups at HSN. “June marks one year since our first draw and we’re excited to give our supporters more ways to win. Since our first draw a year ago, over $2,000,000 has been won through the HSN 50/50. It’s truly a win/win scenario.  Every ticket sold has a positive impact on patient care here in Northeastern Ontario. These funds are enabling HSN to purchase the leading edge equipment it needs to support all patients.”

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