Changing Your Search Engine For Today Can Help Plant Trees Around The World!


Today (April 22), millions of people around the glob are doing what they can to celebrate Earth Day...

But, if you'd like to help our planet in a small way, change your search engine. is a not-for-profit search engine that aims to tackle the climate crisis by planting and protecting trees around the world. 

Set as your search home page and for every 45 searches made the company will plant a tree. 

The non-profit says it has so far planted over 120 million trees across 9,000 planting sites worldwide. 

The current rate is a new tree planted every 1.3 seconds.

Ecosia makes advertising revenue, the same as any search engine, but what's unique is that it takes 80-100% of that to reinvest into its tree planting projects around the world.

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