Country Singer Meghan Patrick in Lost Luggage Purgatory


Country singer Meghan Patrick has joined the ranks of those in airline lost luggage pergatory.

Patrick posted several times Saturday night and Sunday about travelling through two flight delays and her struggles getting answers from Air Canada about her lost luggage.

She tweeted from Winnipeg Saturday night that she was about to start a three week tour with no luggage and none of her merchandise that would normally be sold at tour stops. The first date is scheduled for Brandon, Manitoba on Tuesday.

Patrick claims she was told by one agent “I’m sorry we have no idea where your bags are.”  She went on to tweet Sunday morning that she waited on hold for an hour and, after reaching another agent, she was told there was no file for her missing luggage.  Patrick also claims that when she asked to speak to someone higher up, the “customer service” rep hung up on her.  

In her latest tweet, a clearly frustrated Patrick said that she and her band and crew would never fly with the airline again.

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