Here's Sudbury Hydro's Update on Restoration Efforts Overnight


Here's an update of what happened with Sudbury Hydro's restoration efforts overnight:


- Capreol was restored just after 1am when Hydro One was able to repair a problem on their 44Kv supply line.

-A short time later,  the entire community of Falconbridge lost power when another 44 Kv line was disrupted.  Just before 3am, that was repaired and most of the community was restored.

- Approx 45 customers on Lindsley, Hillcrest and Edison areas of Falconbridge have been off since about 3:20pm yesterday caused by major damage due to trees on lines in a backlot area. That will not be restored until later today. Accessibility is a problem.

-Crews are finishing up work on Access Rd/ Culver St. in the South end. Thst should be restored shortly. Then they will be out of hours allowed and will be switched out.

-First stop for new crews this morning is the City's Frobisher Depot, which has an issue with their 3-phase supply.

-About 10 mostly industrial customers on Old Falconbridge Hwy are off due to a Hydro One skywire falling into their 12 Kv primary line.

-There are approx 50 outstanding calls regarding low wires or trees on lines that crews will get to after they have power restored.


Over the course of yesterday/ last night, just under 6000 Greater Sudbury Hydro customers were affected by outages.

Right now about 45 residential customers and 10 Industrial customers plus the Frobisher Depot are still off, with restoration expected today.


Sudbury Hydro asks for continued patience as they work to repair damage from yesterday's storm.


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