Hi Sudbury! A Friendly Reminder To PLEASE Return Your Shopping Cart!


Like it or not, SNOW is coming, and with that...Snow banks!  

It's been a common sighting all throughout Sudbury to see shopping carts stuck & dismantled in snow banks.  One simple solution is to return that shopping cart!

Abandoned shopping carts can also pose environmental concerns.

During a cleanup of a local waterway last year, Brandon Holden of the Junction Creek Stewardship Committee says approximately 12 carts were removed from the creek in the area of Barrydowne to Fielding Street.

"The carts do seem to have a negative impact on the creek in a few different ways," said Holden.  "In addition to being aesthetically displeasing, it encourages further littering, or at least normalizes it. That litter degrades the aquatic environment and is harmful and potentially dangerous to the animals, plants, and people that make use of the creek and land around it."

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