Lisa Long Has A New Job At Réseau Access Network In Sudbury


After almost three years as Executive Director of the Samaritan Centre, Lisa Long is moving to Réseau Access Network as Manager of Programs and Services. Friday on social media, Long highlighted the opportunity to know, serve and advocate for Sudbury's most vulnerable during the opioid crisis and pandemic. Long joined the Samaritan Centre in August 2019.

Here is the text of her Facebook post

After almost three years at the leadership helm of The Samaritan Centre I am stepping down as Executive Director. I have treasured the opportunity to know, serve and advocate for our city’s most vulnerable citizens through the opioid overdose crisis in our nation and a global pandemic. It has been a joy to show up for work, lead a team of dedicated staffers and hold space for care, community, and services for folx living on the margins.

The learning experiences I have acquired through my time at The Samaritan Centre has exponentially increased my skills, knowledge and familiarity of complex social issues and deepened my love for my beautiful co-humans.

I am taking on a new role as Manager of Programs and Services at Reseau Access Network and as such will stay connected to the needs of folx in this fabulous city, especially in our downtown core which I have come to deeply love and appreciate. Thank you to my staff and to all who have supported the efforts of The Samaritan Centre. The need continues as does the work.

Much love to you Sudbury,

Lisa Long

#LoveYourNeighbour #LoveYourNeighbourhood

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