Man Charged with Attempted Murder in Ferndale Assault


As a result of an ongoing investigation, it has been determined that the 25 year old man originally arrested for Attempt Murder was not responsible for causing the serious injuries following an assault that occurred at a residence on Ferndale on July 1, 2020.

The 25 year old man and the 45 year old man (victim) were involved in a physical altercation just prior to the serious assault, however after canvassing the area and speaking to witnesses, Detectives have determined the 25 year old man is not responsible for the victim’s injuries.

After the initial altercation the 45 year old man was involved in a second assault that resulted in the serious injuries requiring immediate medical attention.

The 45 year old man remains in hospital in critical condition.

The 25 year old man will be released on a Stay of Proceedings in relation to this matter.

Through the investigation, Detectives identified, located and arrested the man responsible for the serious assault.

The 48 year old man was arrested earlier this evening and is currently in police custody for Attempt Murder and Driving While Under Suspension.

Detectives have applied for multiple Search Warrants in relation to this matter including the 48 year old man’s vehicle and residence.

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