Mayors From The North's 5 Largest Cities Met This Week To Discuss Key Issues


The Mayors from Northern Ontario’s five largest municipalities met Wednesday, March 3rd to discuss a number of key issues affecting the region.


Topics of discussion at the meeting, hosted by Greater Sudbury Mayor Brian Bigger, included:

·         The opioid crisis and related addictions support and infrastructure

·         Key initiatives to address the issue of homelessness

·         Information sharing on COVID-19

·         Advocating for public health funding to remain at current rates

·         Impacts of Bill C-75 (an Act to Amend the Criminal Code, the Youth Criminal Justice Act and other Acts) 

·         Advocating for the federal government to take a position on handguns, rather than leaving it up to individual municipalities


The group will be providing letters to the Province advocating for their position on homelessness and public health funding.


NOLUM is comprised of the Mayors of Greater Sudbury, North Bay, Sault Ste. Marie, Thunder Bay and Timmins. The group regularly collaborates to improve quality of life in Northern Ontario and advocate to higher levels of government regarding key issues affecting the region.




“While every community deals with its own issues, we also share common ground with our Northern Ontario neighbours. We are united on a number of issues that affect our entire region and these meetings are an excellent opportunity to share information and take collaborative action.”

·         Mayor Brian Bigger, Greater Sudbury


“I want to thank all of Northern Ontario’s Large Urban Mayors for the dedication and leadership that they have shown during these difficult times. We all share similar challenges and ongoing communication among the members of this group is extremely important.”

·         Mayor Al McDonald, North Bay


"NOLUM meetings are an opportunity for us to discuss our communities and identify further mutually beneficial collaboration. Northern municipalities often face similar challenges, and collectively calling for assistance from our governmental partners is an effective way to attain the support we need to address issues affecting communities across the region."

·         Mayor Christian Provenzano, Sault Ste. Marie


“NOLUM Mayors frequently find common cause on issues that affect our communities. This morning’s discussion and the communications that will flow from it reflect our collective effort to advocate on behalf of our constituencies.”

·         Mayor Bill Mauro, Thunder Bay


“Once again discussions with the NOLUM mayors reinforce the fact that the issues for the northern communities are unique and mutual dialogue between the centers is extremely beneficial. A unified vision and the communication of priority issues is critical to the north.”

·         Mayor George Pirie, Timmins

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