More Proof That Sudbury Has Some Amazingly Kind & Generous People



An anonymous post on the Shoutout Sudbury Facebook Page read:

"To the lovely ladies that dined at the table behind my children and I, at Mr. Prime, thank you so very much, from the bottom of my heart! I was out celebrating my new job, with my kids.

This was a treat for my family and was something special that we haven't ever been able to do.

You amazing, wonderful, generous ladies paid my bill.

I am beyond grateful.

This year has been absolutely awful and honestly, the past 5 years have just been so stressful.

Today is a complete 180 change of direction for me and my family.

Your generosity will not be forgotten.

My family is finally in a position to pay it forward, and we will, with you in mind. *hugs*"

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