Multiple School Bus Routes Cancelled In Sudbury For Week Of January 17th


Please be aware that the Sudbury Student Services Consortium is encountering a higher than normal rate of absences for bus drivers due to COVID-19 and the Omicron variant.  

Each morning we will post daily cancellations on our website, parents are reminded to verify the cancellations by visiting

Parents will not be receiving telephone calls or emails.


COVID-19 CANCELLATIONS - Please note that the following Routes are cancelled today: L012, L030, L103, L655, L823, N305, N406, N431, N459, N467

DRIVER SHORTAGE - CANCELLATIONS - Please note that the following School Bus Routes are cancelled during the week of January 17, 2022: L006, L011, L110, L801, L809, L811 & L866.

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