New Video Produced in Sudbury Tries to Demystify CPR



A new video released on New Year's Day demystifies CPR, offering straightforward explanations of how to save a life.

The video, produced by a group called Northern City of Heroes, even shows viewers how to practise their technique at home using two rolls of toilet paper and a Mason jar lid.

Taryn Davidson, a Northern Ontario School of Medicine student who graduates next year, told CTV News that Northern City of Heroes was founded by two local doctors -- Dr. Sarah McIsaac and Dr. Robert Ohle – in April 2019 with a goal of teaching people hands-only CPR.

The fact that 80 per cent of heart attacks happen at home, and the fact so many people are home because of the COVID pandemic, Davidson said learning how to perform CPR is particularly important now.

The chance someone who has a heart attack will survive increases by 3.7 times if they receive CPR, Davidson said. And every minute they don't receive it, their chances drop by 10 per cent.

  • Second Earthquake Hits Greater Sudbury Friday Evening

    A second earthquake in as many days has been reported in Greater Sudbury. Earthquakes Canada said the 3.0 magnitude quake happened at about 9:44 Friday evening and was centered near Garson.
  • Vale Confirms 3 Seismic Events at Sudbury Creighton Mine

    Last night three seismic events occurred at Creighton Mine between 9:00 and 10:30 pm measuring between 2.6 and 3.7 in magnitude that were felt in the community. Employees were all accounted for and brought safely to surface.  Day shift was cancelled at Creighton Mine today.
  • Second Retirement Home COVID Death Brings Sudbury Total to Four

    Officials at Amberwood Suites Retirement Home have confirmed Sudbury's fourth death related to COVID-19 and the second at their facility. Amberwood lost its first resident to the virus on Friday. 35 people at the home, including 32 residents and three staff, have tested positive for the virus.

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