Ontario Unveils New System For COVID Shutdowns. Here's How It Will Work!


After months of confusion around what would trigger covid 19 restrictions..the Doug Ford government has provided some clarity... 

The following is from CTV News: 

"Ontario has announced major changes to how it will impose COVID-19 shutdowns, introducing a new tiered system for when to impose lockdowns and closures.

Under the new framework released on Tuesday, which has not been implemented yet, each of Ontario's 34 public health units will be placed in one of five categories based off their current COVID-19 trends.

The new system will act as a dimmer switch, allowing regions to gradually increase or decrease restrictions as needed."


"Each of the new stages comes with a set of criteria, giving local health units and business owners some level of predictability when it comes to pandemic related restrictions."

The 5 colours will be GREEN (Where Sudbury is at), YELLOW, ORANGE, RED (Where Toronto is at) & then LOCKDOWN

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