Should This Be Treated As Vandalism? Someone In The Valley Has Been Cutting Christmas Lights

Police (Sudbury)

WHO does this?!

The following was a post made on the Valley East Facebook page by Tina:

"My mother has had her Christmas lights cut 3 times in the last week and a half to which she has replaced twice and reported to the police. Whomever is doing this is courageous enough to only cut the lights on her back deck (thus far) and she's getting very discouraged and saddened. It has even happened during daylight hours once. She loves Christmas and with this years pandemic and lack of social contact, the lights brighten her spirits but she is not replacing them again. As a 75 yr young senior, budgets are minimal.

Those that live in the Martha St area (Hanmer), please keep an eye out for odd activities or if something like this has happened to you, please report it as well. I told mom, the more reports GSPS get, the more they will patrol the area. It breaks my heart that we can not be there 24/7.

Please, if you have senior neighbours, help keep an eye out for them. Let all keep the season Merry and Bright for all"

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