Sudbury Businessman Withdraws Kingsway Entertainment District Appeal


Sudbury businessman Tom Fortin has withdrawn an appeal of a Superior Court decision that rejected claims city council in Greater Sudbury was biased when it chose the Kingsway as the site for a new public arena. Lawyer Gordon Petch originally filed the papers October 2, the last day when the appeal could be made.

The site was chosen in June 2017, and planning approvals to build the $100 million arena and $60 million casino were approved in spring 2018. The Kingsway Entertainment District, as it has become known, has been under appeal ever since. A hotel is also planned on the property, which is owned by developer Dario Zulich. Zulich transferred the land needed for the arena to the city for a nominal sum.

An arguement of bias and bad faith by the city was originally part of the planning appeals to the province's Local Planning Appeals Tribunal. But the LPAT struck the issue from the case, ruling it was beyond its jurisdiction and should be heard in Superior Court.

Fortin lost that case early last month when Justice Gregory Ellies, regional senior judge for the Northeast Region, rejected nearly all the arguments put forward by Petch.

Petch announced during the LPAT hearing into the case on Sept. 17 that he would be appealing the Superior Court decision by the Oct. 2 deadline.

Petch asked the tribunal to hold off on a decision until the Ontario Court of Appeal case was heard.

The withdrawal by Fortin allows the province's Local Planning Appeals Tribunal to move forward with a decision on presentations made to it in September.


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