Sudbury Mayor Bigger Spoke With Premier Ford Tuesday About The Northern Bubble Idea


Statement from the Mayor – February 1st (UPDATE)

"Given the substantial media attention and conversation inspired by my request Monday for a northern bubble and the implementation of safety measures like checkpoints to stem traffic of unnecessary travelers coming north, I wanted to inform the public that I was able to speak one on one with Premier Ford last evening.

In our call he reiterated the threat and danger of the new variants and their ability to travel. He also indicated that there would be enhanced communication efforts to further enforce his request that everybody stay at home unless absolutely necessary. Premier Ford then committed to me that he would be in contact with Minister Sylvia Jones, Ontario's Solicitor General to explore what options there may be when it comes to implementing road checks on Highway 69 toward Greater Sudbury.

As Mayor, I am committed to continuously advocating for all of our safety and pursuing what is best for our community. I promise to keep Council, residents and the media up to date in my ongoing conversations and the developments I hope occur in the very near future.

Until then - please stay at home, be safe and make the right decisions when it comes to the health of yourself and others."

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