Sudbury Police Lay A Lot of Impaired Driving Charges


National Impaired Driving Prevention Week was recognized nationally from March 21st through March 27th . The intent of this initiative is to educate Canadians about the consequences of impaired driving due to alcohol, drugs, fatigue or distraction which destroys the health and lives of thousands. The Greater Sudbury Police Service carried on with the momentum built by our #AnytimeAnywhere RIDE program throughout the entire month of March:

Throughout the month we investigated (34) incidents of impaired driving and laid (48) criminal charges.

We trained an additional (12) frontline officers in Standard Field Sobriety Sobriety Testing. This will increase our ability to detect drivers who are impaired by drugs or alcohol.

During the first three months of 2021 our Drug Recognition Experts have conducted (50) evaluations on drug-impaired drivers. This is already more than half as many as they completed in all of 2020.

Our Breath Technicians have conducted more than (30) breath tests so far on alcohol-impaired drivers. We want those who choose to drive while drunk or high to know that we intend to continue ramping-up our efforts to combat impaired driving. We’re asking our community to continue to assist us in our efforts by being mindful of Operation Lookout and encouraging you to report suspected impaired drivers to 9-1-1 as a crime in progress.

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