Tax Cuts Drop Greater Sudbury Gas Prices


Ontario's gas tax was cut by 5.7 cents per litre this morning. Legislation, passed this spring, also dropped the fuel tax on diesel, by 5.3 cents. Prices in Greater Sudbury are as low as $1.99 in places but are mostly around $2.06. The tax cut will last till at least December 31.

The move is expected to offer some relief to drivers, but experts say the impact of the tax cut may fluctuate.

The government has said the tax cut will cost 645-million-dollars while it's in effect. If inflation remains high late in the year -- there is a chance the measure could be extended past December 31st.

In a conversation with CTV News, the President of Canadians for Affordable Energy, Dan McTeague ventured a guess that the average price across Ontario could drop another six cents per litre on Saturday. If that happens, that would bring gas prices to $1.879 cents per litre, marking the lowest price in Ontario since April 30.

McTeague speculated that prices will likely rise back over $2.10 across the province by mid-July, and encouraged motorists to take advantage of the drop now.


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