Valley East Man Advising Fellow Residents To Check Vehicle For Missing Items


A reminder to lock up!  

On the Valley East Community Facebook page, Joe LePack posted the following:

"Had a THIEF last night at 12:22am Got into one of our cars which was left unlocked by accident and took some container full of spare change (maybe $10) and a plastic gatorade bottle (??) for reasons i have no idea.

Please share this video everywhere so (Police) can catch this thief and check your vehicles for missing items.

Robin Ave top of the hill coming into the valley.

Young man maybe 22 at the most. Thin around 130lbs. Fairly tall. Dressed all in grey with a black and grey baseball cap and had a medical mask just around his neck. White shoes and had a camo back pack."

Report theft online at, or call Police at 675-9171.

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